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Sunday, March 12, 2006

The long awaited post! Apologies for the lacking in updates. Reason being hectic university life, assignments, school commitments and the works. We actually found it difficult in one period of time after the Channel U show, "scoop!" was aired to find victims on the IRC. It was as though our blog was starting to ring out a message to people. Well, good behaviour doesn't last long it seems as we started to fish out a few awkward conversations.

Read on:

Victim 45: V is for Vagina

[maxty] hihi
[maxty] intro?
<******> 14f
[maxty] wow so young onli arh?
<******> does tt bothr u?
[maxty] no lah, juz tt nt legal loh
[maxty] *dotz*.. why u say until lyk tt leh.
[maxty] cup size wat?
[maxty] u haf b4 meh?
<******> how old r u?
[maxty] u haf b4?
[maxty] 28
<******> nope never had b4
[maxty] means u virgin rite?
<******> nope not virgin
[maxty] but i tot u neva?
<******> never wat?
[maxty] i ask if u gt haf sex mah
<******> oh tt one, no never have sex b4. i stil so young. Sex what?!
[maxty] den hw come u not virgin?
<******> cos when i was young, my brother damn cheeky, he stuck a sausage in my vagina then kingsley come and bite the sausage
<******> ever since then no more virgin loh

[maxty] huh ur brother fuck u?
<******> siao ah, my brother stuck a PORK sausage in my vagina lah
<******> u know, the BBQ kind. Can eat one

[maxty] what is kingsley?
[maxty] how come he come bite u? u got 2 brothers ah?
<******> nah la, kingsley is my pet dog.
[maxty] so ur dog bite ur down there and ttz why u nt virgin?
[maxty] haha cannot just bite den nt virgin lah!
[maxty] hw can bite onli nt virgin lehz?
<******> Kingsley bite till there was a big cut, doctors had to sew everything up.
<******> including my vagina.
<******> if got no vagina, how to be virgin?
<******> yo, u gone?

Victim 46: Alternative Position

[fastcash] hey, wanna earn $300? Just reply to this msg!
<*****> oooooh! U owe me 300 buckoos!
<*****> i replied!

[fastcash] haha
[fastcash] intro?
<*****> gimme the money first then we’ll intro laters
[fastcash] no la, the 300 bucks is for services onli
<*****> services?
<*****> u wan a maid?

[fastcash] something like tt.
[fastcash] intro plz
<*****> 24f
[fastcash] got bf?
<******> married
[fastcash] den y r u chatting online?
<*****> married means cannot chat?
<*****> ur intro?

[fastcash] 20m
[fastcash] so u wan to give mi services?
[fastcash] I pay u 300 for one hr
<*****> woah, do what? Wash car etc?
[fastcash] no la, service my body
<*****> errr…………
[fastcash] no sex. Sex I give u 600
<*****> ok. but I can do ani type of sex I like rite?
[fastcash] yeah any position u like baby
<*****> ok, then I wan u to fuck me hard at the armpit
[fastcash] huh? armpit?
<*****> yeah armpit.
<*****> put ur dick inbetween my armpits and keep moving till u hit the spot
<*****> I can make it tight or loose if u like
<*****> any kind u like
<*****> I havent shaved my armpits since last week so I have a few bristles of armpit hair which will give u a vibrating effect on ur xiaodidi.
<*****> got bristles better, den more effect
<*****> shiok only!
<*****> u got msn? i draw for u a diagram so u can see how to do it!
<*****> my lao gong LOOVES it!
<*****> oei u not interested ah?
<*****> i tot u horny?

Any comments will be readily replied via e-mail which is reflected on this blog page

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she left that guy dangling naked, with nowhere to hide his bits 3:51 PM

Sunday, January 08, 2006

2 Contributions by 2 Different readers!

A big thank you for readers who have been sending us chat logs. Do keep them coming!

Victim 43: Pet a Pet(dog)

[cR_sT_aNo] harlow
[cR_sT_aNo] intrO?.
<*********> 17f
<*********> u
[cR_sT_aNo] 18m
[cR_sT_aNo] chi?.
<*********> yeah
<*********> u
[cR_sT_aNo] me too
[cR_sT_aNo] studying/
<*********> ya
[cR_sT_aNo] i just finished my As
[cR_sT_aNo] u
<*********> me prvt sch
[cR_sT_aNo] oic
[cR_sT_aNo] u got bf b4?.
<*********> ya got 1 ex
<*********> y?
[cR_sT_aNo] no la
[cR_sT_aNo] just asking
[cR_sT_aNo] u mind.
<*********> no
[cR_sT_aNo] kk
[cR_sT_aNo] me 3 ex
[cR_sT_aNo] u attached now?.
<*********> nope
[cR_sT_aNo] i;m single too
[cR_sT_aNo] u pet b4?.
<*********> i got one pet dog and a goldfish
[cR_sT_aNo] haha
[cR_sT_aNo] not funny
[cR_sT_aNo] obviously u know what i asking bout?.
<*********> huh?
<*********> sorry dont get u

Victim 44: If you are married, please stick

to one vagina.

Your wife won't like you sharing if she knew.

and in case you never noticed, women always have a

way of finding out.

<*******> hi
[JACKSG] hd ur dinner
[JACKSG] how ru
<*******> ya u
[JACKSG] yes tks
[JACKSG] u working as
<*******> fuel consultant u
[JACKSG] oic
[JACKSG] me IT exe
[JACKSG] me married u
<*******> single
[JACKSG] u mind
<*******> nope
[JACKSG] tks
[JACKSG] urreal name
[JACKSG] ur hobbies
[JACKSG] y lokking for
<*******> music tv ktv read shop movie blade swim u?
<*******> janelle here u?
[JACKSG] i m looking for lover like partime
[JACKSG] u smoke or drnk
<*******> nope u
<*******> y?
[JACKSG] no smoke or drink
[JACKSG] but enjoy in sex life
<*******> nt being responsible towards ur family
[JACKSG] wife weak i bed
[JACKSG] me high in sex
<*******> so u oni marry her for sex la
<*******> wats the pt in marriage then
[JACKSG] yes
[JACKSG] u met guy
<*******> can u be more responsible
[JACKSG] hmmmm
[JACKSG] u know any gal for that
<*******> if u were in ur wife shoes hw will u tink
[JACKSG] same lor
<*******> same?
[JACKSG] u know any gal for sex
[JACKSG] i pay
<*******> save the money to urself
<*******> wat for do this
[JACKSG] what u mean
<*******> wat for do this to urself and ur wife
<*******> if u got kids its evn worse
[JACKSG] me honry lor
<*******> pple wan happi family life also cant hv
<*******> u r juz wastin time
No such nickname

If you are aware of any public advertisements via blogs, websites and familiar nicknames on the IRC which are causing harrasment and solicitating sexual services, please do e-mail us the link. We will look into it :)

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she left that guy dangling naked, with nowhere to hide his bits 12:12 PM

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Victim 42: He wanted an OPEN chat. I showed him OPEN.

Session Start: Wed Dec 28 16:40:42 2005
[GUY_] chat?
<******> y not?
[GUY_] intro?
[GUY_] 18m
[GUY_] any bf?
<******> yup
[GUY_] got pic?
<******> nope not on this comp. using my cousin's comp
[GUY_] ic ok..
[GUY_] u openminded?
<******> openminded?
<******> sure sure
[GUY_] u gotten intimate with ur bf b4?
<******> yea
<******> do u have a gf?
[GUY_] single now
[GUY_] u had sex?
<******> nope
<******> why single?
<******> single is sad man
[GUY_] got anyone to intro?
[GUY_] :)
<******> nope
<******> sorry man
[GUY_] u pet with ur bf b4?
<******> yeah
<******> we do loads of stuff
[GUY_] wat kind of stuff u do?
<******> my bf has a fetish for nipples
<******> he likes my breasts and nipples alot
[GUY_] wat does he do?
<******> everytime before he is going to cum, he takes my nipples and stuffs them into his lil dick hole to stop the cum from coming out
<******> and then he does it again and again and again
<******> have u tried it before? wanna try?
<******> he does it until his dick bleeds pus. so how?
<******> hello? ;p

Words of thought

"Isn't it funny how guys always request for OPENMINDED chats. But their chats are narrowed down to a single topic.

Open? My arse."

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kinky-keyboard mumblings: privates2webwhore@yahoo.com.sg

she left that guy dangling naked, with nowhere to hide his bits 4:46 PM

Friday, December 23, 2005

Dear Readers,

As noticed, we have decided to take down the comment box due to increasing amount of assumptions. Main reason being we are taking precautions against the hurting of any accused parties.

Someone had assumed that they had found the personal web-blogs of the crew members (spamming it on the comment box), unfortunately each of our crew members do not own a private web-blog. The person flamed and placed the url of another female's blog up. Of course there is no way to prove if it really is one of us plus, we have never seen this girl before. We do not want any unwanted physical action taken against someone who is innocent. The person who has been putting up the URL for all to see can be charged, once we hand over his ip address and information to the police as soon as something happens to the girl.

Anyone can simply pick out a url of any female's blog or a female friend of theirs whom they dislike and simply claim it is us. But what proof? Looks like this sexpervert guy who has been tagging on our comment box has not read much or heard much of our interviews to know more about us. In our interviews, we mentioned our areas of subjects we study. Unfortunately, one of them is not ART. The girl's url whom you picked up and spammed and even dedicated a blog site to, studies art like you mentioned.

Charges of Threat and Sexual Outrage can be placed. Once the comment box has been taken down, we will be taking legal action against the person who has been doing this to prevent anything from happening to someone innocent.

To whoever the sick perverted male who has been commenting, if you dare comment such comments, we'd love to see you try giving us more info about yourself via e-mail (privates2webwhore@yahoo.com.sg). If you don't dare then i guess your penis is not as big as your threats then.

To the other readers, thank you for leaving e-mails once in a while, we appreciate it alot. :)


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kinky-keyboard mumblings: privates2webwhore@yahoo.com.sg

she left that guy dangling naked, with nowhere to hide his bits 3:26 AM

Friday, December 16, 2005

Previously blogged before, a featured post on the characters who try to get into girl's pants. One of them featured, was the "god-brother".

click here to read our previous post on the "God Brother"

Recap: God brother- this character asks girls on IRC to be their god-sis who they can "pamper" and "care" for, in turn, they do not ask for anything in return but sex. The god-sis then feels inclined to fulfil his request because of the care he has showered on her.

After this a pargraph, is a contribution by one of our readers who e-mailed us her chatlog. Many thanks for your insightful chatlog and further emphasizing the truth in these "god-brother" types. Read on.

Victim 41: The Godbrother

Session Ident: PopCorn (~dwhpozsdr@cm196.omega247.maxonline.com.sg)
[PopCorn] hI!asl?
[PopCorn] 22m chn guy hre....
<******> 18/f/sg
<******> 22 ah...

[PopCorn] got msn?
[PopCorn] mi jus ripe mah....
<******> dun use.
<******> ripe?
<******> you're a fruit?

[PopCorn] hehe...
[PopCorn] mi 178/67kg lean...u?
<******> impt meh...anyway...last time we took ht/wt I think we 160/55
<******> *me

[PopCorn] oic....cool.
[PopCorn] u got msn?
[PopCorn] nvm.
<******> dowan to use msn la
[PopCorn] wads ur cup size can noe?
<******> log on also not a lot of people on. so i deleted lorh
[PopCorn] jus curious.....
<******> harh...
<******> C

[PopCorn] wow,yummy...
[PopCorn] u chi?
<******> yup. chinese.
[PopCorn] whr u stayz...?
<******> jurong area
<******> west side of sg
[PopCorn] u dancer?
<******> stop for over a year le. studies mah. my mum lorh. say cannot neglect
[PopCorn] oic...
[PopCorn] now havin holidays?
<******> no la
<******> 18 leh
<******> a levels

[PopCorn] tot u poly...
[PopCorn] finish soon?
<******> orh. not yet la
<******> still got two weeks
<******> so sian
<******> but then after that free le lorh

[PopCorn] oic,wanna chat on e phn?jus making frens....
<******> but i don't really know you leh. so...dowan to give no...sorry horh...
[PopCorn] chat liao den noe each other better loh,hehe...
<******> hee. makes sense.
[PopCorn] u friendly type rite?
<******> i suppose
<******> i mean
<******> don't have anyone who hates me
<******> got quite a few friends

[PopCorn] oic,cool...
<******> but mostly girls la
<******> cause grew up in all girls school
<******> you leh?
<******> friendly?

[PopCorn] mi wrk in a computer company,quite well 2 do..
[PopCorn] u hav a kor kor?
<******> dun haff
<******> but got one guy friend who was like a kor
<******> but nowadays seldom see him le

[PopCorn] wanna be mi sis in e futer?
[PopCorn] future
[PopCorn] can noe each other 1st lo....
<******> wah...
<******> i knew him for a few years de.
<******> haha
<******> then we realise that he nag a lot then i became his lil sis
<******> you want to nag me ah

[PopCorn] no lah,whr got...
[PopCorn] i very frienly & easy type....
<******> haha
<******> then a bit difficult to call kor
<******> cause now i think kor must nag de
<******> he used to tell me to go sleep

[PopCorn] haha.
<******> ya!
<******> always say late le
<******> go sleep
<******> haha

[PopCorn] i tok nicely 2 u in e future lo....
[PopCorn] mi sayang mi sis alot wan....
<******> really
<******> you got lil sis?

[PopCorn] can tak u go shopping every month twice....
[PopCorn] wad u like 2 shop for?
<******> hmm. i like to shop for cute clothes.
<******> lately been quite interested in those gothic lolita type cloth

[PopCorn] oic,hehe,...
<******> very ke ai!
[PopCorn] i buy 4 u wan?
[PopCorn] kor kor sayang u......!
<******> dowan la...i'll feel bad de...
[PopCorn] nvm,u sayang mi bk lo....
[PopCorn] w ten ai each other...
<******> hmm. buy cookie for you?
<******> or do you like brownies?

[PopCorn] huh,like tat onli....?
<******> must buy something back mah...
<******> then how?
<******> big thank you card?
<******> teddy bear?
<******> or soccer ball?

[PopCorn] let mi sayang ur nai nai can.....?
<******> nai nai?
<******> harh...
<******> that one ah...

[PopCorn] i will buy wad u wan lo...
<******> but i never even have bf before...
<******> scared leh...

[PopCorn] i jus massage 4 u thr lo...
[PopCorn] quite nice lo...
<******> harh...
[PopCorn] u got quite u big breast lo...
[PopCorn] ok?
<******> what has that got to do with this?
[PopCorn] jus 2 sayang u aft buy u clothes 4 u la....
<******> but buy clothes need sayang de ma?
[PopCorn] aiyah,i like touch soft things mah.....
<******> i buy teddy bear for you lorh
<******> also soft what...

[PopCorn] can let kor kor sayang anot le....
<******> depends lorh
<******> my other kor never ask this de
<******> so i need to think about it

[PopCorn] okie,mi quite cool-looking 1....
<******> hmm
<******> but still...
<******> never let pple touch me like that
<******> at most hug de

[PopCorn] wads ur waist length le?
<******> that...
<******> must measure meh?

[PopCorn] jus asking...
<******> i really dunno leh...
[PopCorn] wads ur no mei mei?
<******> dowan to give leh...only give to friends i have met.
[PopCorn] we chat later.....?
<******> we chatting now what
<******> why later?
<******> you busy ah?

[PopCorn] i giv u mi no.?
<******> harh
<******> so late on the phone
<******> what if my mum ground me...

[PopCorn] u got hp lo?
<******> dowan to give...
<******> why you keep pressing me like that...
<******> very uncomfortable...

[PopCorn] i mean u call mi la....
<******> orh.
<******> hp ah

[PopCorn] hehe....
[PopCorn] mistook mi leh sis....
<******> bills quite high le. cause msg my friends.
<******> sorry sorry
<******> didn't mean to
<******> bit sleepy le
<******> so cross eye lorh
<******> hee

[PopCorn] wads ur nipples colour sis dear....?
<******> harh...colour?
<******> normal i guess

[PopCorn] yup,pinkish?
<******> i mean
<******> ya
<******> then?
<******> you mean got other colour de?

[PopCorn] dunno,jus asking....
<******> haha. i thought only one colour. you never take bio in sch ma?
[PopCorn] tot got some dark colour 1,yucks!
<******> why yucks?
[PopCorn] dun like.'
<******> orh. then your own leh?
[PopCorn] pink 1.
<******> no wonder
<******> if not i wonder why you dun like.

[PopCorn] den aft we go shopping can we bao bao together?
[PopCorn] u need u hug?
<******> i never even say we go shopping...
<******> a level leh
<******> mum is like super control these days

[PopCorn] i mean aft ur exam....
<******> orh
<******> hmm
<******> but so far the only pple i hug i know for at least 2 weeks

[PopCorn] can,cos im ur kor wad....
<******> not official mah
<******> we last time got ritual de
<******> must bai bai
<******> and then must make offering

[PopCorn] den make it official lo....
[PopCorn] oic,u pray also.....?
<******> harh. the ritual took us months to prep for leh.
<******> ya
<******> we prayed to the goddess diana

[PopCorn> ok lo....
<******> then we burn incense
<******> and threw the runes to see if she allowed.
<******> because horh
<******> if she angry
<******> then bad le
<******> called karma you know

[PopCorn] haha,u so cute.....!
<******> cute meh?
<******> then my kor also cute
<******> cause he was the one who taught me de
<******> the ritual thing

[PopCorn] ok den,u muz call mi aft ur exam lo....
<******> hmm. after exam then i try lorh.
[PopCorn] u wan 2 go shopping den call mi lo....
<******> everything after exam then say. sorry ah. after make my mum angry. then also got karma. she
like goddess like that.

[PopCorn] wad u wearing at hm sis.....?
<******> usual lorh. shorts and tee.
<******> actually this my fav tee

[PopCorn] wad colour 1?
<******> blue
<******> baby blue
<******> why?
<******> you leh?

[PopCorn] nvm,i buy u some more nice....
[PopCorn] whith boxer onli....hehe.
<******> why white?
[PopCorn] can see mi below bulge 1 lo.....
<******> last time horh...my mum bought white undie for me...so chou...
<******> see what?

[PopCorn] u noe guys 1 lah....
<******> oh
<******> that ah
<******> we only see drawing mah

[PopCorn] mi abit horny liao sis,wanna mi mi stand dear.....?
<******> what that?
[PopCorn] mi cork lo...
<******> you got wine bottle at home?
[PopCorn] i mean mi di di la...
<******> oh...
<******> sorry sorry
<******> teach never say it called that

[PopCorn] wan 2 sayang 4 mi thr sis....?
<******> she only teach the textbook de
<******> why? you hurt there meh?
<******> then must go hospital
<******> get proper nurse
<******> and doctor

[PopCorn] u suck b4 thr...?
<******> harh. sound like ill leh.
<******> suck what?
<******> that?
<******> no la
<******> that for sucking meh

[PopCorn] yup,quite nice...
<******> harh. really sound like got prob leh. the text never say like that de...
<******> maybe must go amputate
<******> they always say that
<******> if cannot cure

[PopCorn] like eat ice-cream lo.....
<******> better to remove
<******> but not cold
<******> so must freeze is it?
<******> ya
<******> good idea

[PopCorn] hot 1 mah........
<******> then no feeling le
<******> use like the nitrogen or something
<******> then can chop off
<******> then can save you le
<******> i call 911 for you k?
<******> i think me sch got the liquid nitrogen
<******> that one i think can get teach to lend la
<******> to save life mah
<******> so how?
<******> i call 911 ah?

[PopCorn] dun wan u liao.
<******> why?
<******> i only trying to save you
<******> goddess always say save people good
<******> then good karma
<******> and must treasure life
<******> you cannot say dowan to be saved de
<******> if not she will get angry

No such nickname

-- A classic example. He wanted to buy her clothes. In return he wanted to touch her explicitly. Classic.

Chatlog contributions can be e-mailed to the reflected e-mail address below.

We are glad you enjoyed the Channel U episode (: We did enjoy making it happen for you.

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kinky-keyboard mumblings: privates2webwhore@yahoo.com.sg

she left that guy dangling naked, with nowhere to hide his bits 2:53 PM


who's your daddy mama?

_that sexy devil behind the screen_
A crew of girls setting out to fish out the moral wrongs of internet meetings and what really goes on during the chat.
These men have shamed the name of the male gender.
Regardless of legal or illegal age for the males requesting for sex, it is a downright insult to females to have men asking for sex within 2 mins into an introduction.
Females deserve more respect than being used as a sex toy, satisfying male sexual urges.

We bring to you the uncensored ugliness of the internet chatzone that the media has failed to bring to our attention

Society may be more open today but it does not give anyone the right to assume that females can be treated as commodities that can be bought off the shelf nor that females are stores which men can walk in and out of whenever they fancy.

UPDATES! (23 Feb 2007)

We'll be on Channel News Asia's Blogtv.sg
Watch for what others and we have to say on 27th Feb (next tuesday), 8.30pm

this blog should serve as an educational eye opener to the singapore virtual chatzone particularly to the young ladies exploring the world of net-meeting

This blog is crude, obnoxious and does not care for any resemblance in chat patterns observed. Thats how the real world is like
What you see may not be what you get

this site serves as a warning to all the men out there
that whoever you're chatting with might not
be a sweet pussy but a conviving one

Whatever your mother tells you about the
dangers of internet chatroom meeting...
...she is not joking nor exaggerating

enjoy your stay here.

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